Sugar Cosmetics Suede Secret Matte Lipcolour Review + Lip Swatches | Taffeta Terracotta & Tweed Taupe

Sugar Cosmetics Suede Secret Matte Lipcolour Review + Lip Swatches | Taffeta Terracotta & Tweed Taupe

What the brand says: Work this #MadeInItaly beauty to take matte to the max with a punch of opaque colour in every swipe. Dries quickly to a smooth matte finish without leaving your lips parched – this is your secret weapon to hack a luxurious pout! The SUGAR Suede Secret Matte Lipcolour boasts of a 12-hour stay and comes in a spectrum of highly-pigmented shades that complement a slew of complexions – make it your goal to own every one of them!

Price & Availability: The Sugar Suede Secret Matte Lipcolour is priced at ₹799 for 6 ml. The price is on the steeper side when compared to other drugstore brands but it is not very expensive in comparison to a lot of high end brands. This is the most expensive liquid lipstick that Sugar Cosmetics sells. It is available online on the Sugar Cosmetics website, Nykaa, Amazon, Fab Bag and other online retailers as well. Offline, it can be found at Sugar counters in various Lifestyle stores across India.



Packaging:  The Sugar Suede Secret Matte Lipcolour comes in a rectangle shaped box. The outer packaging of the lipsticks is quirky with graphic prints and is similar most of the Sugar Cosmetics packaging. The liquid lipsticks themselves come in a frosted transparent tube with a black screw on cap. The cap screws on securely and minimizes any chance of the lipstick opening up on its own. One can easily see the shade of the lipstick from outside without having to open the lipstick but the frosted packaging does not reveal the exact colour of the lipstick.

Shade: Initially Sugar came out with 10 shades of the lipstick, out of which I bought 2 – 06 Taffeta Terracotta & 07 Tweed Taupe. Both these shades were a little unique to me out of the 10 and hence I picked them out. Recently, they’ve added 10 more shades to their range and I’m definitely going to pick up a few more shades.

06 Taffeta Terracotta – This is described as a ‘Terracotta Brown’ by the company. I found the shade very interesting as it a nice mixture of red and brown.



I don’t wear a lot of bright red lipsticks as I’m more of a nude lip girl and I felt this was the perfect kind of red for me. The brownish tones in this liquid lipstick dull down the red and it comes off as a more muted red lip than a bright one. It’s a great shade for Indian weddings or just a night out on the town.


Sugar SSMLC in Taffeta Terracotta


I really like this shade for my complexion and I feel it’s a very versatile shade as it will look good on all skin tones.


07 Tweed Taupe – This shade is described as a ‘Taupe Rose’ by the company. It is more of a greyish pink tone or like a ‘greige’ tone.


On my lips it looks like a soft lilac colour with very cool undertones. This is a very different kind of nude than what I am used to and is sort of a first for me. Initially I wasn’t very fond of this shade as I’m more into warm undertones, but this shade grew on me slowly and I’ve started wearing it more often. 


Sugar SSMLC in Tweed Taupe


I feel this shade will look nice on most skin tones. But anyone with a darker complexion than mine (I’m an NC 44 in Mac Studio Fix Fluid) might have to use a darker lip liner for the shade to suit them.

Application & Texture: The Sugar Suede Secret Matte Lipcolours have a thin doe-foot applicator which has a slight outward curve at the edge. This curve makes it very easy to apply the lipstick evenly on the corner of the lips. The lipsticks have good pigmentation and are opaque. Only one swipe is required for an even application and they cover my pigmented lips easily. They go on smoothly on the lips and the texture feels very thin and mousse like when applied. These Sugar lipsticks take a long time to dry – approx 10-12 minutes – but once dry they feel extremely comfortable and don’t suck the moisture out of the lips.

The colour tends to get a smidge darker when the lipstick dries down completely but it’s not that different. The term ‘suede’ suits these lipsticks perfectly as they don’t dry down to a complete matte finish but they give an illusion of a matte lipstick on the lips. The lipsticks are fragrance free and usually don’t settle down in the fine lines of the lips. However, if you have dry/chapped lips, I would recommend you to prep your lips (with an exfoliator or lip balm) before applying these lipsticks.


Staying Power: The Sugar SSMLC lipsticks stay on the lips for a good 8-9 hours easily even after light eating. However, if you eat oily food or something like a burger or sandwich with a lot of sauces, it tends to fade away from the centre of the lips. Reapplication of the lipsticks is easy and does not feel like an additional layer on the lips.

My Overall Experience:

Being a lipstick junkie, I’ve tried many different textures of liquid lipsticks over the years. I can safely say that the Sugar Suede Secret Matte Lipcolours are one of the best ones I own. The texture is very comfortable, the staying power is amazing and above all, they come in 20 shades now! So I’m pretty sure that everyone can find something or the other for themselves in this range. The only downside of these lipstick is the price. They’re effectively for ₹800 and that in my books is a little on the costlier side for a brand like Sugar. The Sugar Rewards system is really good though, you can get money off or certain discounts depending on how much you’ve purchased from them!

Pros Cons
• Extremely Comfortable  • A little on the costlier side
• Good shade range  • Takes a long time to dry down
• Lasts long on the lips
• Easy availability



4.5/5 Coffee Beans

I loved these so much that I’ve ordered 4 more shades in this range 01 Muslin Mauve, 02 Plush Pink, 11 Rayon Rose and 13 Nylon Nude. 

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